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PCV CLUB MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS (Riding & Support memberships)

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Suanne Waugh, Monday, 25 March 2019

2019/2020 memberships have been set up at state level therefore clubs can now set up their club memberships.  PCV’s membership registration has been set to open as of the 1 APR 2019.

2019/2020 Membership Fees

*Zone fees may alter these figures.

Membership Type

Age at 1 JUL

State Fee

National Fee

Total Fees


Under 17yrs














RIDING-Riders without Horses





RIDING-Come & Try





SUPPORT-Club Supporter

Any age




MyPonyClub Club Membership Set up

Instructions on how to set up your New Membership Year, New Club Membership Fees and New Club Membership Categories can be found in the HELP tab within MyPonyClub or click here.  Call the State Office on 03 8685 8925 if you need support or assistance managing this process.


Club Supporters

Every Junior Riding Member must have a Club Supporter recorded in the MyPonyClub membership database.  If these Club Supporters attend your Club 3 or more times in the membership year they must provide you with a Working with Children Check.  Working with Children Checks can be added and updated in the MyPonyClub system at membership time or during the year.  Please ensure all Club Supporters renew their membership too.

Adult Riding Members

Adult Riding Members are members who are aged between 26-80yrs on the 1st July.

Associate Riding Members

Associate Riding Members are members who are aged between 17-25yrs on the 1st July.

Junior Riding Members

Junior Riding Members are members who are aged under 17yrs on the 1st July.

Riders without Horses

Riders without Horses Members are members who do not own a horse of their own and are participating in Pony Club via a program your Club has created.

Come & Try members

Come & Try members should complete an online registration for your Club (no more paper forms) and if they choose to become a full riding member they can then upgrade their membership which will reduce their fees by the amount already paid, this includes any Club fees paid.  If your Club does not reduce your Riding Member fee you will need to adjust your membership categories appropriately.  The upgrade function helps PCV report on the conversion rate of Come & Try members to Full Riding members.

Please note Come & Try membership includes Personal Liability cover only.


It is highly recommended that you invite members to renew their membership from their member profile.  Members only need to check their personal information instead of re-writing it every year!  If your Club enables payments by credit then your members can renew their membership and pay online at the same time which makes life easier for your members.


MyPonyClub enables your Club to offer your members the ability to pay their membership fees by credit card or debit card in one transaction.  If your Club enables this before the 30 APR you will go in the draw to win a POLVIN Dressage Arena, some great prizes from FerrariJumps and Pony Club Victoria.  More information!


If you have queries or need support to set up your new membership year contact the State Office on 03 8685 8925.


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