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Pony Club Australia - Nationals 2017 | Results

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Vicki Jans, Thursday, 28 September 2017

Congratulations to all the competitors, supporters, organizers and winners at the Pony Club Australia Nationals 2017.

Congratulations to Queensland, overall winner, with Victoria in second place.

Victorian Teams won in Dressage Junior; Eventing Senior; Mounted Games Senior; Tetrathlon Junior and Senior. Our Teams placed second in Dressage Senior; Showjumping Junior and Formal Gymkahana Junior.

A large amount of organization went into getting our team to Toowoomba - many thanks to Tracy Hosier and the Nationals sub-committee; and the parents - supporters.

States at finish of National Competition:

New South Wales  
South Australia 
Northern Territory

All Results:

Many thanks to our sponsors Horseland, Helmet Hiders, Skye Park Rugs, Spayt Merchandise and Sports and Recreation Victoria.


Vic Team 2017

Vic Team 2017

Vic Team 2017

Vic Team 2017